Saturday, March 11, 2006

The Theft of the Presidency: Both 2004 and 2000

"The morning after the 2004 presidential election was eerily similar to the morning after the 2000 presidential election. All the well-founded predictions that George W. Bush would lose went out the window, and he was once again, by some sleight-of-hand, installed in the office previously awarded to him by the Supreme Court.

"Something was seriously wrong. There were questions, not all of them from Democrats, but the American press ignored them. . . "

The above two paragraphs commence an excellent account that traces the history of the Theft of the 2004 Election by the Bush Administration and its cronies (including, probably, the three e-voting machine manufacturers that were able to get certified -- despite software and hardware problems inherent in their systems.) So, read the entire article at:

If you found that article valuable, read about the theft of the 2000 presidency, as rubber-stamped by the U.S. Supreme Court. This is at:


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