Thursday, March 09, 2006

Incumbents return in a big way (Voting Machines "Flipped" Votes to Them!)

Marshall Cook, who ran against incumbents in Pinellas County, Florida, tried to vote for himself on an e-voting machine made by Sequoia. It kept "flipping" his vote in favor of his opponent, the encumbent! The following is buried in the BOTTOM of an article on how incumbents won the election (unbelievable!):

And on Election Day Cook charged that the voting machines malfunctioned in several precincts, including his own precinct at Skyview Recreation Center. When Cook tried to vote for himself, the machine defaulted to a vote for Taylor. A precinct worker finally moved Cook to a different booth. [I am sure that this solved the voting problem . . .]

Later in the day, Cook said he had other reports of voting machines malfunctioning in similar ways.

Nancy Whitlock, communications director for the Pinellas County Supervisor of Elections Office, said there had been a problem at Cook's precinct. One machine, she said, registered a different answer when voters touched it. Poll workers recalibrated it to fix the problem.

Whitlock said she did not know how many people had voted before the problem was caught. But the machines, she said, allow voters to look at their votes before finalizing them.

No one else complained, so it is unlikely the problem affected many, if any, other votes, she said.


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